Welcome to the Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Wiki-Fort la Bosse!

This wiki is created for teachers in Fort la Bosse to access data related to curriculum, instruction and assessment. Each page is dedicated to a different user group and will be continually updated. I am linked directly to my page on the Fort la Bosse website.
FLB website Curriculum Instruction and Assessment page

I am by no means an expert in technology, but will attempt to try a variety of tools that I have been exposed to. Below is a little video that was created in moviemaker. It is certainly in need of edits, but was a first attempt!
My goal with this page is to have one place that teachers in Fort la Bosse can access any resources that I have. You may note too, that each page is dedicated to a different PLC or group. I look forward to continually adding to this in the fall, and becoming more paperless in the process!
I am attaching a link for an interesting article regarding our place as educators in the Web 2.0 environment:
article on teaching/technology in web 2.0